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Angela Starkmann – words are all around us
words are all around us And we love it. Ever since its beginnings in 1993, language&letters has been working with words that connect people – in many, many ways. #languagematters matter to us!
Angela Starkmann – words are all around us
languages connect people And we like to think of ourselves as connectors, too. Translation, interpretation or training – we are the experienced language professionals for your service. We #lovelanguage
Angela Starkmann – words are all around us
the bonsai principle Editing is less, not more. We help you create natural, beautiful texts. Just as long as needed. Just the right words. We help you to address your taget groups successfully by cutting out everything that is superfluous. Just like a bonsai tree. #itsallnatural #bonsaiprinciple
Angela Starkmann – words are all around us
ready for the language switch? Don't let anybody tell you differently: You can learn English, and work with it successfully. As your language coach, we support you in the process during which you switch from your native language to English. Ready for the #languageswitch?
the principles of language matters Communication is what is going on between people. Language matters, if you want to communicate successfully. And we are here to support you in this process. What can we do for you? Whatever you need us for, there are some principles that will always guide our work:
transparency We want you to trust us. And understand what we do. And why we do it. Therefore, transparency is important for our work. Ask us about what we do. Give us feedback on what we have done. Allow us to communicate as freely as possible and to get to know how you can help us to do our work better. For you. This is how we like to work for you. practicality We like you to be our customer. And we like to earn money with the work we do for you. Most important for us is, still, that you really, really need our work. So we work hard to deliver to you the most useful, practical services we can both think of. What are your thoughts? professionality You are professional. And really good in what you do. And so are we. We are experienced professionals, having worked in large cooperations as well as mid-sized organizations and small NGOs – and we gladly support you just the way you need it. Talk to us. Let's find out together, what we can do for you.
partnership We don't know how this is for you… But we love what we do. And we love working with others, at eye level. Let us be your partner for the services we have to offer – whether they are translation, editing, project management or training and coaching. teamwork Call us crazy. But we just don't like being there on our own. We think that interaction and teamwork is something that can have a seriously positive impact on how we like our work. And THIS can be very, very helpful for us to be good. Very good. The best. Professional, and personable. At the service for you and your organization, in language matters. Because languages also matter to us. Just like you do.
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